Christmas Appeal 2019: Langham at work in fragmented societies

This Christmas, we’re asking supporters to give generously to Langham, as we work in places of poverty, pressure and potential across the Majority World. Read Langham Scholars’ Director Riad Kassis’ appeal: 

Riad Kassis
Langham Scholars’ Director Riad Kassis.

In light of the Lebanese government’s decision on 17 October of 2019 to increase taxes on several services being offered, which includes enforcing a fee on WhatsApp use, protests broke across the country in an unexpected way.

Unlike previous protests, this instance was different, as people of different religions and political parties took it upon themselves to take to the streets not solely in Beirut but rather across the country, even in political parties’ strongholds that are usually immune to such movements.

Demanding a better future

Citizens have been protesting for several weeks due to the poor economic and living conditions the Lebanese are faced with daily. 

For the first time since the division of Lebanon into sects and political parties, what is clear is that the people are fed up with the current situation and are demanding a better future. They were able to force the resignation of the prime minister and his cabinet hoping that the future will be brighter.

As followers and believers of Christ, this is our time to show people the love that God has set within us. It is our duty to share Christ’s message of love, peace, and hope to a population that has been in pain for more than 30 years now.

Praying for those in authority

We are also called to be advocates for the aching populace. But we are also praying for the people in authority to open their minds and hearts to the protesters’ cries.

The border between Lebanon and Syria.

Throughout these protests, the people are starting to believe they have the power to break down the walls set by the political elite on what is possible and not possible. It is moving the red lines on what is allowed and what is not. They have repealed the rules set by those in power. They are drawing their own set of rules, and this is how a bright future may emerge.

Langham supports and partners with people on the front line. They have a longing for justice based on a hunger to know, understand and share God’s Word. They need the prayers and practical encouragement of believers outside of their special situation.

The Langham package of godly Literature, Scholar support and Preaching networks provides a backbone for ministries in places of pressure. Would you generously help and give even more than usual this Christmas…

Your partner in the work,

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Riad Kassis
International Scholars Director

Click here for further information. The situation in Lebanon is still changing and recently some protests have become violent. Please pray for them.

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