Equipping generations to preach faithfully in Botswana

Femi Adeleye, Langham Preaching’s Africa coordinator (left) and 74-year-old Rev. Mrs. Motsisi.

Three members of the same family, along with a 74-year-old great grandmother, have completed all three levels of Langham Preaching training in Botswana.

At the end of the week-long event in August this year, 15 people in total ‘graduated’ from the course. They are the first people in Botswana to have completed the three levels, after training began there last June.

Langham Preaching’s Africa Director Femi Adeleye said this is a “significant step for a newly pioneered nation”.

Unfaithful to the Word

Pastor and Mrs. Letlhare completed the training along with their daughter Joy, who is a lawyer. The couple serve a church in a small village in Botswana, where Joy also serves as an interpreter.

Pastor Letlhare said that before the Langham Preaching training “I used to interpret and preach the Word of God in my own way and many times add what was not really there. I was not faithful to the Word most of the time. Now when I prepare a message I really take my time at it and pray for understanding.”

Pastor and Mrs. Letlhare, with their daughter Joy holding their Langham Preaching certificates (with their trainers).

His daughter Joy added: “I have heard many pastors preach and after my Level 1 Langham training I wondered where some of the pastors I have heard did their training. There are some I still think and believe never got any training.”

Langham is the answer

Another attendee who has completed all three levels of Langham Preaching training is 74-year-old great grandmother Rev. Rebecca Mrs. Motsisi. She is a pastor alongside her husband of a Pentecostal church in Botswana, where they have served for nearly 50 years.

According to Rev. Mrs. Motsisi, “Langham is the answer to many problems the church is facing today with ‘prosperity gospels’. There is a need to work very hard for Langham Preaching to spread throughout the country of Botswana.”

Attendees of Langham Preaching training in Botswana earlier this year.

Attendees of Langham Preaching training in Botswana earlier this year.

Gaolekwe Ndwapi, Langham Preaching’s coordinator in Botswana, said they are very grateful that there is now a movement in the country, but said they are also facing challenges.

Praying for plans

Attendees of Langham Preaching training are encouraged to set up and join local ‘Preaching Clubs’ in order to meet regularly throughout the year.

Gaolekwe said they are struggling to keep these clubs going. They are also thinking through ways to increase attendance at future training events. Please pray for these plans and decisions!

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