Preaching App translation work continues

Did you know that Langham Preaching is working in eight of the top 30 countries where it is most dangerous to be a Christian? (See Open Doors’ World Watchlist).

The work of Preaching Movement coordinators in these countries is extremely difficult, especially as in many places their work must be kept ‘secret’ in order to avoid problems with the law.

That is why technology such as the ‘Langham Preaching App’ is so crucial in these countries. The App allows preachers to prepare sermons, and improves their capability to network with others in their region. It facilitates fellowship in areas where this is lacking.

Right now, work is continuing on translating the App into two North West Asian languages (reported in the quarterly Seedbed email sent last month). We cannot tell you which languages, for security reasons.

Please pray: 

  • that the translations will be easy to understand
  • for quick completion
  • for the preachers in the North West Asian countries to use the App, and find encouragement from it.

If you are not already supporting the Langham Preaching App, please consider making a donation. It doesn’t matter how much you give!


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