Tyndale House reaches beyond academic confines

Langham Partnership has a permanent ensuite study bedroom at Tyndale House, Cambridge, for exclusive use by Langham Scholars. Tyndale House boasts a world-renowned library, and a superb academic community in which Scholars can complete their studies.

And its work goes further than the limits of academia. The principal Dr Peter Williams spoke recently at the Forum of Christian Leaders’ annual European Leadership Forum in Poland. He delivered the morning sessions, speaking about the biblical figure of David and the lessons he provides for healthy leadership today.

During the conference, Dr Williams was also interviewed to discuss the value of academic and personal Bible study. He left the conference attendees with a challenge to present the plausibility of scripture through preaching. He said: “Sometimes, the way we act in a lot of our churches is as if the Bible is something equivalent to Narnia — it’s a great story, but how much do you have a sense of its reality?”*

Tyndale House aims to to serve the wider church, communicating the confidence in scripture that high-level scholarship affords.

Between now and December, a string of Langham Scholars will be using the permanent room at Tyndale House to focus on their studies.

If you do not already support the Tyndale House Seedbed project, please consider making a donation. It doesn’t matter how much you give!


*News from the Tyndale House monthly newsletter.

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