First-Hand Experience of Langham Preaching Seminar in Budapest

I visited The Late Rain Church Complex in Érd, 30 minutes southwest of Budapest on 6th March with one clear goal: I wanted to see how Langham Preaching in Hungary started a ‘Level One’ seminar with local church leaders first-hand.

The two-day event saw around 40 people gather from around the country. Most of the attendees did not know each other so I wasn’t the only new face there. Representatives included church Pastors, seminary professors, theological students and church laity from numerous denominations. Everyone came together with the common desire to be better equipped with the Bible.

Péter Balogh is a Baptist pastor from Hungary and part of the board that organises Langham Preaching seminars in the country. Peter explains his role in coordinating his first conference in Budapest and the exciting opportunities it offers in the video above.

The seminar commenced with an obligatory icebreaker. The first evening was designed to group everyone into their locality which resulted in them sitting at the same table for the rest of the seminar. This strategic move was to commence relationships that are hoped will develop into future local preaching clubs.

Langham Preaching is for anyone who opens their Bible as part of their ministry.

Mark Meynell – Langham Preaching’s European Director
Tamás Schauermann. Langham Preaching’s European director, Mark Meynell

Tamás Schauermann, pictured above with Langham Preaching’s European Director, Mark Meynell, led the event. Mark opened the seminar by setting out three fundamental requirements for effective preaching: being faithful to the biblical text, being relevant between the original context and today’s world, and offering clarity while preaching the text. Working from these foundations, different presentations were delivered by the Hungarian preaching team accompanied by group work.

Having experienced a Langham Preaching seminar, it was obvious that anyone involved in word ministry would value attending an event. The diversity of attendees is a clear example of Langham Partnership’s desire to serve the local church by offering a program that helps anyone who opens the Bible as part of their ministry.

Mark Armstrong
Supporter Development Officer – Ireland

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