Empowering Pastors in Uganda through the Langham Literature Grant Scheme

Shadrach Lukwago leads the Kiwoko Bible Institute in Uganda, an institution that has served as a beacon of hope and learning for the past 17 years. Specialising in training pastors through a modular programme, the institute capitalises on school holidays to educate pastors using the facilities of local primary and secondary schools. This innovative approach allows pastors from remote villages, who might otherwise lack the resources for theological education, to learn and grow in their understanding of God’s word.

Gratitude for Langham Partnership’s Support

The heart of Shadrach’s message is profound gratitude towards Langham Partnership, whose contributions have significantly enhanced the resources available to these pastors. Thanks to Langham supporters, invaluable theological literature has been added to the institute’s library, greatly benefiting the pastoral training programme, the faculty and the pastors’ local communities.

A Personal Message of Thanks

Shadrach has issued a personal message of thanks to supporters of the Langham Literature Library Grant in association with the Books for Bible Colleges campaign. You can watch the video above and a transcript of the video is given below:

Hi, this is Shadrach from Uganda. I lead the Missionaries of Kiwoko Bible Institute. The school has been in existence for 17 years. We train pastors on a module program where we always bring them together during school holidays because the facility we use is primary school and secondary school so we use the same structure, the same classroom. So the pastors come in as students through holidays and they do their lessons. We work with the local Christian University.

We are so grateful to God for Langham Partnership for the literature you sent us. We got to know Langham through Mark Armstrong and we are so much privileged that last year we were able to get some books which are already in our library and the pastors are going to use next month. The pastors are coming every year. We take in a lot of 30 to 50 pastors and for the last 17 years we’ve had over 500 pastors training. These are pastors in the villages that would not get an opportunity to be enrolled to a theological school for some reasons: money, time, and many other things. So it’s a great opportunity for them to come and learn God’s word and just sit down and learn.

So it’s a privilege for them and getting these resources. It’s another added great opportunity for us to be able to do a better job into the lives of these men and women of God. We are so grateful to God. Thank you so so much. Thank you. God bless you.

Shadrach Lukwago, Head of Kiwoko Bible Institute, Uganda

A Ripple Effect of Blessings

The impact of Langham’s support extends beyond the walls of the Kiwoko Bible Institute. Over 500 pastors have received training there, with each pastor carrying the knowledge and spiritual insight back to their villages.

This training is crucial, as it equips them to tackle the unique challenges they face in rural areas, from economic hardships to spiritual guidance. Shadrach’s heartfelt thanks underscore the significant difference these resources make in improving the quality of pastoral training, which in turn enriches the spiritual life of countless souls across Uganda.

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