Families Facing Conflict at Christmas

During the last Langham Live event of 2023, the Langham UK & Ireland team met together to pray for our global Langham family. The topic was Families Facing Conflict at Christmas and we were joined by Langham Global Ambassador Chris Wright along with Langham Scholars Yohanna Katanacho, Rula Mansour and Taras Dyatlik.

Please use the prayer points below to guide your prayers.

Prayer Points

Please use the following prayer points when lifting up the global Langham family:

Yohanna Katanacho

  • The conflict has led to a war which has experienced massacres on both sides. Pray for those who have lost friends and relations
  • Pray for suffering families as they seek to deal with the loss of parents, children, and homes
  • We thank God that hope is not an illusion. Pray that the light (of the first Christmas) will bring an end to the darkness
  • Pray for provision as students are not able to pay for tuition which places an extra burden on the college

Rula Mansour

  • There is a sense of desperation, fear, and anger
  • Loss of children and women
  • Pray for justice, hope and the presence of God that is exemplified in the first Christmas
  • Safety for our students and faculty as they travel and minister
  • Wisdom on how to speak truthfully and lovingly during such a difficult situation

Taras Dyatlik

  • Pray for those who are still displaced by the war and the added challenges winter brings
  • That decision-makers hear God’s voice
  • That the church in Ukraine and Russia will be a voice of peace within an environment of conflict

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