Preaching is the Gatekeeper for the Church

In October 2023, we met Frew Tamrat from Ethiopia who has a passion for seeing Bible teachers equipped for teaching and preaching. Among his many roles, he is the President of Evangelical College of Addis Ababa, Co-coordinator of Langham Preaching in Ethiopia, and a contributor to Breathe and Bone published by Langham Global Library.

Please use the prayer points at the bottom of the page to guide your prayers for the work in Ethiopia.

Ethiopia faces multiple challenges. These include drought, malnutrition, civil unrest, and open opposition to Christianity. Despite these issues, the Christian church seeks to be Salt and Light to the population of which 70% are under 35 years old.

The need to train Church leaders to effectively teach God’s Word is of paramount importance. Responding to this need is Dr Frew Tamrat who is a multiple theological educator through his work as Principal at Evangelical Theological College, in Addis Ababa, and country coordinator for Langham Preaching in Ethiopia.

In October 2023’s Langham Live Zoom call, Frew spoke with great passion when he explained that over 90% of preachers in Ethiopia are not trained. Frew shared that the effect of the lack of preacher training in Ethiopia means that ‘God is not allowed to speak from the pulpits.’ That has the harmful effect of ‘the word of God being muted in our pulpits’.

Frew’s Langham Preaching team has the vision to see hundreds of Bible teachers in Ethiopia trained to teach and preach God’s Word effectively. For those on the Langham Live in October call, it was a privilege to hear his enthusiastic presentation and pray with him for his vision to become a reality.

Prayer Points

Please use the following prayer points when lifting up Frew and his mission:

  • For the Lord to use the Ethiopian Langham Preaching Movement to transform the pulpits of Ethiopia through Expository Preaching
  • For the strength of the local preaching clubs
  • For the Lord to raise more local facilitators and also for the LP movement in Ethiopia to have local ownership and resources
  • For the Lord to continue to open doors for us to travel to persecuted areas in Ethiopia and Eritrea and give LP trainings
  • For the Lord to help us to translate many of the Langham Preaching Resources into the major Ethiopian Languages
  • For my family and myself for the Lords blessings , especially for the Lord to give me grace, wisdom and strength as I carry the heavy burden of leading a theological institution and also coordinating the LP movement in Ethiopia

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