Strengthening the Church in South Sudan

Langham Scholar Dr David Fugoyo joined the Langham Live session this month and we were so encouraged to hear of his work in East Africa and in particular South Sudan. David shared how his Langham Scholarship obtained in 2015 enables him to teach, preach and train church leaders and pastors to strengthen their ministry and the church. He was introduced to the work and ministry of Langham after reading books by John Stott.

Based in Kampala, Uganda with his wife and 2 daughters, David is the Vice President of Programs and Development with African Leadership and Reconciliation Ministries (ALARM). He is passionate about training church leaders and working for peace and reconciliation in East Africa. 

The pressure and challenges of war

Having lost friends and colleagues through the war in Sudan, David explained how people are affected and uprooted from their homes becoming refugees and the resultant movement within Sudan and surrounding countries. Churches and properties have been destroyed.

The pressure of the civil war going on for 21 years has limited the church leaders in being able to fully study the bible and increased the pressure they endure. This pains David as he believes it contributes to the church having a shallow theology. The workers are few and persecution is high. It is in these circumstances that Christians, churches and pastors are serving. However, God’s word endures and David’s work is increasing the strength and depth of the church, grounded firmly in God’s word. 

Encouraged by prayers

The Christians there ask for prayer from their brothers and sisters around the world and do not want to be forgotten, asking “Do other Christians know what we go through?”. They are really encouraged knowing that they are being prayed for across the world.

It is our privilege to pray for these brothers and sisters and support servants like David working for the growth in depth of the global church.

It was a great opportunity for all who attended this Langham Live session to join in prayer for David, his work and the Christians and churches in South Sudan and in East Africa. Heartfelt prayers were raised to God.

Joy and hope

David shared how he feels so much joy when a trained pastor’s ministry is significantly better as a result of the training. This keeps him going as he achieves the strengthening and bettering of the church through transformed leaders. This is his passion and vision for the church in East Africa.

Please do join us for the next Langham Live calls at the end of July.

By David McMullan, Deputy CFO & ESG Manager, LPUKI.