Scholar says Tyndale House stay ‘very helpful’ for research

Langham Partnership has joined Tyndale House in Cambridge to secure a permanent ensuite study room exclusively for Langham Scholars. One student who has recently benefitted from staying at this world-renowned library is Joey Tan.

“It’s a very good place to do research”

Joey Tan, from Malaysia, is studying the topic of contextualised preaching at Spurgeon’s College and is set to graduate soon. In an interview in 2016, he said: “My passion is always how to find a way to preach to the Chinese people, to be more culturally relevant to them, that they will feel the Gospel is not a foreign thing but is close to the heart.

Joey Tan.

Langham Scholar Joey Tan, from Malaysia, greatly benefitted from his stay at Tyndale House.

“So through the research into contextualised preaching especially at the Chinese festivals, three major Chinese festivals, we are finding a way that we can go deep into the ideology and the worldview of the Chinese culture so we can find a way to preach to them that will make sense to them.  That’s my passion, even to the non-believers, and also even the Chinese Christian as well.”

Completed revisions

Joey stayed at Tyndale House from 27 February to 28 March this year, and during that time he managed to complete the revision of the final draft of Chapter 1 to Chapter 6. This amounts to nearly 50,000 words! He also made good progress on revising the final drafts of Chapters 7 and 8. Joey attended a research conference at Spurgeon’s College in London and the UK Scholars Consultation in Cambridge. 

He said: “The Tyndale House staff are all very helpful and friendly. It is a very good place to do research. I used the Tyndale House Library as well as the Cambridge main library, the Faculty of Divinity library, the Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies library, and the Faculty of Classics library. Langham gave me sufficient information for the stay. The financial support from Langham was also very helpful. Overall, this was a great research visit experience for me and very helpful to my research progress.”

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