Video: ‘The next generation in Central and Eastern Europe need to encounter Jesus’

Graduated Langham Scholar Ksenija Magda, from Croatia, is one of the theological editors of the Central Eastern European Bible Commentary. She is also writing the commentary on the book of John for the project. Watch the video above to find out why she is so excited about being part of the commentary, and how she hopes to really help the next generation of believers in her region.

Ksenija gained her PhD from London School of Theology in 2008. She has written a book and a number of articles in the area of the New Testament. Her interests are in the application of the biblical text in contemporary circumstances. Ksenija is married to Toma and they have four adult children.

The theological editors of the Central Eastern European Bible Commentary.

The theological editors of the Central Eastern European Bible Commentary.

Fulfilling desperate need for Biblical resources in ​Central and Eastern Europe

​Did you know that there are 17 countries in Central and Eastern Europe that share a similar spiritual and cultural geography? These countries face a number of challenges as they move on from a Communist past, facing economic oppression while trying to build renewed societies in a context of aggressive capitalism.

​The church in Central and Eastern Europe lacks the contextual biblical resources to equip pastors and evangelical leaders to shepherd disciples and lead the church.

The Central Eastern European Bible Commentary

That’s why Langham Literature is embarking on a multi-year project to put together a one-volume commentary on the Old and New Testaments written by Central and Eastern European Scholars for their region. The goal is to help pastors, preachers, lay leaders in interpreting and applying biblical truth in the ever-changing contexts of their lives and communities. The Commentary will also include about 100 articles on various regional issues related to the spiritual and practical life of a Christian in church and society.

The cost of the project is around £400,000.  Can you help us raise £6,100 to cover the cost of the book of Romans? The General Editor of the project, Corneliu Constantineanu, is writing this part of the commentary. He says that Romans deals with “extremely important issues for people living in this part of the world”.

Will you partner with us to ensure believers in Central and Eastern Europe can study the Bible? Give either a one-off or regular gift now, and we’ll send you regular updates on how the project is going, along with prayer requests.



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