Summer Appeal: Urgent tool for South Asia

In a world that has been turned upside down and inside out due to the pandemic, one of the areas that has been worst affected is India. A member of the International Council for Langham Partnership shared recently that in her area the Protestant cemetery (which accounts for only 4% of the population) was dealing with over 40 funerals per day. 

Where is God in this?
 How do church leaders guide and teach and Christians learn more of God’s heart, purpose and plan in the midst of such trying times?

One way is with the help of excellent resources such as the South Asia Study Bible (SASB). Following on from the South Asia Bible Commentary, the SASB will resonate with the mind and heart of the ‘ordinary’ South Asian – the person in the pew or on the street. 

It is designed to help readers grapple with difficult verses and understand unfamiliar concepts.

It will provide relevant background and explanatory notes that will enable people to draw out timeless principles which can be applied to all areas of life.

The SASB is a Bible study tool written by South Asians for South Asians. 

It will be grounded in sound biblical scholarship which affirms the divine inspiration and authority of the Scripture in all matters of faith and practice. 

More than 40 authors will contribute to this, 11 of whom are Langham Scholars.

We are very excited about this urgently needed tool for our South Asian brothers and sisters but we need your help! Your gift will help us get this vital tool into the hands of Christians as quickly as possible.

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