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Langham Live Around the Table - November 2023

We apologise for the technical difficulties during Langham Live. However, we are delighted to share the discussions with our special guest speakers this month in the video below. Please make sure to sign up for the next Langham Live event and contact us if you experience any issues.

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Chris Howles

From Carlisle warehouse to Uganda bookshelves: the inspiring impact of Langham’s Library Grant scheme

26 May 2023

You will hear more regularly from Langham the term ‘doubling the impact’. The ministry believes it is a God-given vision to see the impact of Langham double. The Christian faith is growing – people around the globe know Jesus Christ as their saviour- hallelujah! – it’s Langham’s mission to make sure their faith deepens and…

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Chris Wright

The ripple effect of Langham’s work

3 May 2023

If I were asked, how can individuals and the Church engage in the mission of God in new ways?  At first glance, David Lundy’s book ‘We Are The World: Globalisation and the Changing Face of Missions’ highlights two important characteristics of the impact of mission engagement namely [1] A new mindset – from local to global and [2]…

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Turkey earthquake

God’s Word speaks into the devastation in Turkey

31 March 2023

In February a devastating earthquake hit parts of Turkey and Syria, killing tens of thousands and displacing millions.  We were blessed on our Langham Live calls in March to be joined by a Turkish Christian ‘K’. She lives in Istanbul and has been involved with the Langham Preaching movement since it first came to Turkey…

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Alongla Aier

South Asia: ‘I see God’s Word working in peoples’ lives’

24 February 2023

Alongla Aier has been involved with Langham Preaching for 13 years in her South Asian country*, and in February’s Langham Live it was a privilege to welcome her onto the call and hear her passion for the programme.  Introduction to Alongla Aier Alongla’s nation is vast, divided into various states and has numerous languages and…

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Danillo Santos

Langham Scholars Programme Benefits Brazil

27 January 2023

In the first Langham Live event of 2023, we were joined by our brother Danillo Augusto Santos who lives in Minas Gerais, Brazil. Danillo is a Langham Scholar who teaches as a New Testament Professor in a Christian seminary and works as an assistant pastor in a local church. He and his wife Alison have three…

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Pieter Kwant on Langham Live

‘What God is doing through Langham Literature is staggering…’

29 November 2022

Only four years ago, Langham held 850 preaching clubs and supported 69 scholars. Now in 2022, we’re holding 1143 preaching clubs and supporting 85 scholars. God’s work and Kingdom is growing through the ministry of Langham, with your support in gifts and prayers. Then there is Langham Literature…Last week Pieter Kwant was on our monthly Langham Live…

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Gift Mtukwa

Watch Advent Conversation with Rev Dr Gift Mtukwa

11 November 2022

On Tuesday 14 December, we gathered on Zoom to hear from Gift Mtukwa, a Langham Scholar who graduated from the Nazarene Theological College, Manchester last year. He’s now serving back in Kenya. Watch the recording of the call, which included an advent devotional and a live Q&A.

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Langham Live screenshot Oct 22

Faith standing strong in Ukraine

29 October 2022

It was a tremendous blessing, given the circumstances, to have Ukrainian brothers in Christ; Roman Soloviy joining from Lviv and Taras Dyatlik joining from Rivne on the Langham Live Zoom last week. They shared their experiences and extreme challenges they are going through, serving God in Ukraine as they endure the Ukrainian–Russian war. Both have…

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Riad Kassis on Langham Live call

A privilege to pray for Dr Riad Kassis in his vital role

3 October 2022

Dr Riad Kassis, Director of the Langham Scholars programme, joined us on Zoom last week for Langham Live while relying on solar energy. Power cuts are extremely frequent in Beirut, Lebanon, where Riad lives. As he shared with us, his home country is facing many political and economic challenges – and yet Syrian and Iraqi…

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